Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Adventures w/ MUFFIN CUPCAKE

Yesterday the Muffin Cupcake team attended a little cupcake event at Partners & Spade(literally, they were selling cupcakes), a shop and marketing/branding team, located on Great Jones Street in Manhattan. The shop, which opens to the public on the weekends, is a curiosity that I advise all to experience. The shop is home to all sorts of artwork, rare books, and objects created by Partners & Spade and random companies they have partnered with. Antique microphone stands decorated the center tables, colorful parasols sat in the corner, and books ranging from photography of icons like Marilyn Monroe to fictional fantasies lined the shelves. All of these oddities may sound like they make no sense, but everything falls together quite perfectly in its own way. As we moved to the back of the store, women in cupcake headbands and tiaras sold freshly baked cupcakes and desserts that made the whole room smell like a giant birthday cake. Mmmmm yum!

After being very impressed by Partners & Spade, we chose to venture across the Bowery because there seemed to be a great deal of activity going on outside of a building between 3rd and 4th streets, the Bowery Bazaar. As we got closer we saw that the building housed a marketplace of about 30 vendors, CLAIMING to be local artists. At first glance(from the outside) the event appeared to be promising, and actually prompted me to say “I am going to LOVES this place!”….I was clearly mistaken and disappointed to see that the tables and alcoves housed products and artwork that were underwhelming at best. I’m sorry, but I would rather not wear jewelery made from snake vertebrates, especially if I felt that I may need to wash my self with bleach afterwards. The clothes were extremely amateur, and one should note that covering boots in tassels and dress pillow accessories is not fashion. The other clothes shown at the event were so maternal and dated that my 90 year old grandmother would be bored by them. The painting and photography looked mass produced, and I might suggest that the artists should take a great deal of time, maybe 100 years, to refine their skill…or just quit. The only reason I can see someone going out f their way to go to this marketplace, is possibly for the chocolates at the front, which did look tasty, but in the end don’t go out of your way, and buy a milky way and call it a day. Altogether the most artistic item I saw the whole time was the red recyclable tote handed out to everyone at the entrance, which I plan to use proudly on my frequent shopping trips to Whole Foods.

To end on a positive note, I need to tell you all about a fabulous store the Muffin Cupcake team visited yesterday on in the meatpacking district. Yoya Mart located on Gansevoort street, is a great store for any parent looking to dress their child with serious style. The coats for girls were amazing, my favorites being a blue and green wool plaid coat, and an orange one with a fur-trimmed collar. The pint-sized Moon Boots and colorful Nike kicks would make any child one of the best dressed kids in school. It should also be mentioned that they have a great selection of cool toys and gadgets that I, a man in my 20's, could not help but marvel at.

They even have a Karl Lagerfeld doll....This Mean Queen is LIVING!

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